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Funding Priorities

Five Bridges Foundation is committed to effecting positive change for at-risk and transition-age youth, ages 14-24, in five Bay Area counties: Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, and San Mateo. The Foundation will fund organizations providing shelter and basic services, employment supports, family reunification, and alternatives to the juvenile justice system. Through the efforts of our grantees, we hope to generate immediate and measurable positive changes, and to work towards long term solutions that mitigate the need for more costly or punitive interventions in the future.

We will make grants to organizations working on:

  • Family Reunification and Supportive Adult Relationships for Youth

    Five Bridges Foundation will fund efforts to reunite youth with family members and/or create mentoring relationships with supportive adults to fill the vacuum created by fractured childhoods.

  • Food, Housing, and Other Essential Services for Youth

    Five Bridges Foundation will fund organizations connecting homeless and runaway youth to food and housing—for the short and long term--and which provide ancillary programs or referrals to other services such as (but not limited to) mental health and substance abuse programs, federal nutritional programs, disability benefits, and health insurance. (Please note that Five Bridges Foundation does not fund physical health or education initiatives.)

  • Job Skills and Employment Opportunities for Unemployed Youth and Young Adults

    Five Bridges Foundation will fund organizations providing job training programs, internships, employment, and assistance in managing personal finances for low-income youth and young adults.

  • Alternatives to Judicial System Involvement

    Five Bridges Foundation will fund organizations providing representation and advocacy for youth who would be better served by not being incarcerated (or re-incarcerated) but rather offered more appropriate approaches such as family-based therapy for offenders, career and vocational training programs, mentoring programs for delinquent youth, cognitive behavioral skills training, and mental health and substance abuse treatment.

Grantmaking Process: Five Bridges has changed its grant application process and no longer will require submission of a Letter of Intent (LOI). Grant applications for the 2020 cycle will be by invitation only. Applications will focus on the future, looking at the applicant's capacity to build on past achievements of their own and of others working with at-risk and transition age youth. Innovative approaches are welcomed, but they must be sustainable over a period of time. Proposals for multi-year grants will be accepted in special cases where such funding achieves an identifiable purpose. For information on applying, click on Application Process.

Grant Awards: The Foundation will be strategic in its grantmaking, awarding $25,000-$100,000 to organizations with the proven capacity to work effectively with youth.

2020 Grant Cycle Dates: The Foundation will conduct a single grant cycle in 2020. Applicants will be invited to submit applications after the Board of Directors conducts a focus area review.

Inquiries: For any questions, please e-mail us at fivebridges@msn.com.